Rhodes Sporting Heritage

Rhodes has a long and glorious tradition in sport. From the first Olympic Games of antiquity, Rhodian athletes have excelled. Diagoras, and many members of his family were reknowned for producing Olympic champions as was the Rhodian, Leonidas. Their fame remained throughout history to attest the value of sports in Rhodes. The Ancient Stadium bore witness to many athletic triumphs from Rhodian’s, including achievements during the Aleia Games dedicated to, Helios, the sun god.

About Rhodes

Rhodes is an island in Greece located in the south eastern corner of the Aegean sea, a crossroad of civilization and transport hub of antiquity. Famous for beeing the site of one of the 7 wonders of the world, the colossus. Rhodes has been inhabited by Romans, the Knights of St. John, Ottoman Turks and Italians, only to reunite with Greece after WW2. Today Rhodes is a tourist hotspot, were over 2 million tourists visit every season for its beautiful clean and diverse beaches (For 2021 Rhodes was awarded with a record breaking 49 Blue flags) and its medieval town ( a UNESCO world heritage site).


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